• Onsturicheit

    (wild - analog - psychedelic)

    What sometimes would be considered as a 'soup of sounds' is in fact a very wild and broad analog palette of very rich sounding material that has been thouroughly vivisected and deconstructed, before throwing it at the lions.

    Onsturicheit is Dutch for wildness, uncontrolledness, makingashitloadofnoiseness, but always very vivid and not by definition dark. The music can balance from spooky to a kind of joy, but off course, always what that c-o-l-o-u-r-s twist, which seems to be a disease here on this website.

    A lot of tracks are happening as is, live, with always changing gear. The man has no car, so..., the setup must be transportable in a very suitable large backpack. It's unpredicatble, just like the early electronic machines were. Be prepared for samples, sequences and textures.

    Want to hear more: check this archive.org link !

    On-sale on BANDCAMP HERE.