Fractions Of Unity

Music For Installations - Fractions Of Unity - album cover
Music For Installations - Fractions Of Unity - album back

Presenting the new album on the AntennA Festival, 22 of Februay 2020, where we play a live-set. The album will be release by WOOL-E Discs and Bandcamp.

Little moments of truth are the building blocks in the understanding of the greatness or even the infiniteness of being. Consider these ten fragments of sound which can be perceived as all small elements, that make a bigger whole as a concept in this album. However, each of these partials are a world, a soundscape on its own. Therefore the choice of the term fractal is not by coincidence.

Whether you zoom in on details, or zoom out on the global context of each soundgarden, they will still evoke a kind of infinity that can be translated in the everlasting and returning dilemma of our own being: each living element versus the whole, in which we are set to live only a infinitesimal fragment of time.