Dark Side

Music For Installations - Dark Side - front
Music For Installations - Dark Side - inside

Music is to heal not to destroy... even when you visit the dark side of your mind.

With Dark Side, Music For Installations sets off with an album full of soundscapes and drones creating an enigmatic dark ambient world. It's a profound musical study of a mental and physical condition called ‘depression’. By using dark ambient as way of language, this is one of the first attemps to transfer the chaos that goes along a depression. That chaos creates fear, breaks down your brain, leaving you behind in ruins. The only thing you can do is stop.

Music is probably the best way to translate these deep and dark feelings, that are so hard to describe in words to other people, especially if you never have been in this very unpleasant condition. You as listener can experience and learn what this is about. By ending the session, the listener can safely take distance. This powerful album is an open emotional approach to describe the dark side of yours and our minds.

The tracks follows these threads into the dark side:

1. Fear. It can be so overwhelming that it completely blocks yourself. This track has been selected for the soundlab exhibition 2010, which carries the motto: 'The power of sound as a tool of communication'. By studying sounds of people and nature in the world and considering the background of an augmented sense of urgency to tackle global environmental problems which causes blind fear, this sonic scape has been formed almost by itself. To our surprise, inside the sounds used, was the cry of the planet already there. This landscape is then a direct way to communicate to the world that something has to be done in tackeling global problems like population, pollution and poverty. As the landscape moves along it dies out sending out slowly her fading message, which will happen in reality when nothing will be done.

2. Chaos. We don't have to tell much more. The track itself is a drone which creates its own chaotic cosmos. Music For Installations makes a here a strong statement what chaos can do to a mind.

3. Braindamage. This piece has been conceived as a microscopic flight inside a brain in a state of chaos. You hear electric flames bringing damage along with very repetitive pulses.

4. Track four is the end result of this very haunting cycle: the ruins that stay behind and where you, as listener, stand in the middle of.

5. Stopped. The best thing to do is stop and take time to reflect what has happened, attempting to get a grip on the chaos around yourself.