• Lounasan

    (voyage - ambient - electronical)

    Travelling without moving! It all happens in your mind and in an undefined deep area of your belly. Have a look at the cosmic trips into music.
    Being fascinated with electronical music since childhood, Lounasan never ceased to make music. He was available in techno-format, recently in a very experimental version, but last years finally it seems to go into a very emotional direction, like pieces of a puzzle coming together. Although the last piece isn't placed yet... .

    Find his work on BANDCAMP HERE.

    Louansan Late Night On Mixcloud

    LOUNASAN LATE NIGHT is a radio show on Mixcloud where you find some cool eclectic mixes of music that is lying on our c-o-l-o-u-r-s.com desk. This is absolutely worthy to have a listen.

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  • This surprising ambient album takes you on a deep and intense voyage trough empty and vast landscapes that will bring you into infinity.

    Lounasan - I Wish I Made This Music Every Day - cover
  • The beginning of a new and exciting travel for mind and spirit by Lounasan sets of with this first album dedicated to the flow of life with its different paces.

    Lounasan - Lift Your Senses - cover

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