Jovica Storer - Geert Verbeke - Element - cover

Together with haiku-master Geert Verbeke, Jovica Storer created this album Element and used fantastic deep sounds of singing bowls, gongs and other vibrating elements. The album is an aural interpretation of the five Japanese Elements: Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal - Water. The tracks follow these elements consistently. The music is a true adventure throughout the musical world of Jovica Storer. On this album all his musical senses and styles come together in a fine blend with a very emotional touch. Followers wil reckognize his musical past and also a prediction of his musical future, at that time not known yet. Seekers of a true musical journey will be in their 'element' with this album!
Geert Verbeke was a source of inspiration for creating this album. Why don't you take a look on his website?