• (dream - sleep - drone)

    Join Dreun into his world of soundscapes. While using drones and atmospheric ambient as musical basepoint, Dreun explores the world of the endless equilibrum of sounds, painting a landscape of vibrating music. We invite you , the listener, to stand, by preference, right in the middle of it!

    Dreun is into alien field recording. Quiet. Silenced vibrations. Bringing it together and let it evolve, creating new soundspheres, that's Dreun at its best.

    Low volumes and earphones are recommended!

  • Release on Belgian Neumusik, set free beginning 2018. 4 cd's of breathtaking (dark) ambient & drone based on the binary system of "0" & "1"

    Dreun - 10111 - cover
  • Drone loops right out of the basement!

  • Slaap from dreun is all about sleep invocation.  Let the slowly evolving soundscape bring your mind in the sleep-zone.